Receive home loan options by dealing with a credit adviser who delivers you value...

We understand how important it is to receive a fast and personal response to your financial needs. That's why at u-value, we're focused on providing you personal one-on-one service, at a location convenient to you. This means that you receive home loan options from our panel of lenders and our service commitment that is specific to you.

We provide products and services to cover all your property ownership and related needs.

We map out a typical process of buying a home and who all are involved in it.

We explain some property related terms that you may have wondered what do they mean!

Our commitment to you:

  • We shall offer you what you need.
  • We shall not offer you an unsuitable product.
  • We shall be driven by your needs and requirements.
  • We shall financially reward you for trusting us with satisfaction of your needs.



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Winter 2015 report on Australian Real Estate Courtesy of NAB and CoreLogic.

Why select u-value as your partner?

u-value has MFAA approved credit advisors
  • u-value has credit advisers that are MFAA members. Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the peak industry body.
u-value is for your needs
  • u-value stands by its name and delivers value to you.
  • u-value maintains high standard and follows applicable laws and regulations.
  • u-value does not present unsuitable products to you. Satisfaction of your needs are met based on your financial situation and goals.
  • u-value credit advisers exist to make your home purchase experience easy and memorable.
u-value is one stop shop
  • u-value offers products and services from various suppliers and lenders that cover most of your needs related to home or equipment – see product and services offered.
  • u-value works with a larger organisation for offerings that u-value does not offer directly, however, u-value manages all your needs end to end.
u-value comes to you and offers free service
  • u-value credit advisers visit you at your home (or a location convenient to you) and at hours that you prefer.
  • u-value’s direct services are free to you.

u-value works with:

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